What makes The Bathology Shoppe so unique? Why should I buy your products?

I use premium quality ingredients that I know to be long lasting, nourishing, and always moisturizing. 

I design and create all of my products like they are a piece of art, a lot of thought goes into each and everything I make.

In my scented products, I use high quality, skin-safe fragrance oils and therapeutic grade essential oils to offer a wonderful and wide variety of scents. I find the most unique fragrances to put into my products. I also use cosmetic grade colorants, like micas and oxides, in many of my soaps to make them pretty!

Are your products kid and pregnancy friendly?

Yes. But, if your child is prone to UTI's, yeast infections (for bath products), or allergic reactions, please use with caution. Often times I have heard from customers that my products benefit their children's skin conditions, but as with introducing anything new to your child, use with caution. 

As for pregnancy it is recommended that you avoid using bath products in the 1st and 3rd trimester. Please ask your doctor for more information. 

Can I pick up my order and not pay for shipping?

Yes. When you checkout, choose the "pickup" option on shipping and in the description box you can add your phone number and I will call you to arrange a pick up time. This is only if you are in the Provo/Orem area. If you pick this option and you are not in the area, I will cancel your order, you will have to reorder and pay the shipping costs. You have 3 days to pick up your order from the time you purchase, after that a partial refund will be issued and the items you ordered will go back in stock.

What is Lye? Is it safe?

A properly made bar of soap is safe. The chemical reaction of lye and oils creates an entirely new compound which is soap, with a little oils left over to give your skin an extra treat! After the soaponification process (24-48 hours after its made) the lye becomes inactive, making the soap just a bar of butters and oils that clean and moisturize your skin! Soap without lye....isn't soap at all.

Do you offer coupons?

I try and make my prices as affordable as they can be, but sometimes money becomes tight and you just need a good deal. I get it, we've all been there! I try to do coupons and deals every other week to help my costumers get the products they need at a price they can afford! Join our Facebook group to be updated on giveaways and deals!

How does a pre-order work?

Pre-ordering allows me to make what is ordered instead of letting product sit on a shelf waiting to be ordered. Products are made fresh!

April's pre-order will close on Saturday, the 14th @ midnight. All pre-orders will be shipped during the first week of May. Refunds on pre-orders cannot be made because we order supplies to make products based on the amount of pre-orders we get. 

If you have any more questions please feel free to email me.